Thursday 31 May 2012

Translation of selected 8 verses of Holy Quran that shows Jesus(as) is dead



"states no human and messenger can bodily ascend to heaven (no exception stated)"

"states God will cause Isa to die before his spiritual ascension (since a body can not move towards a spirit that is not limited by geography). Ibn-e-Abbas (ra) states mutawafika means 'death"

... (5:75)
"states Jesus (as) does not eat anymore"

"states no prophet was given a body that can live without food"

"states no one has been given an exceptionally long life"

"And whomsoever We give long life, we reverse him in creation. Then, do they have no sense? So if Isa (as) is still alive he has been reversed in creation. So how will a prophet who could not defend himself when he was a young man defend the entire muslim ummah from the Dajjal when he is even weaker in creation"

"states the people who were falsely worshipped as God will claim they were not aware of the deeds of their
How can Isa(as) say this if indeed he will come back"?

"states that Isa(as) will say that while he was alive and among them he was a guradian over his people, but when God caused him to die ('tawafaitani here is also explained by mutawafika)then you were a guardian over them.
So Jesus(as) is stating what verse (10:28) "claims such people who were made gods without their knowledge will say

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